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         Peter Byrne's Forever Diamond

Neil Diamond is a phenomenon who gives truly special and personal shows that legions of fans return to see again and again. A style that transcends music fads by consistently touching people of all ages and interests. The personal and magical interaction Diamond has on stage with an audience is legendary, breaking all box office records wherever he performs.

This is your opportunity to experience that same spontaneous display of energy and sensuality with the superb talents of Peter Byrne and Forever Diamond, a show performing Diamonds greatest hits spanning over three decades, in an uncanny portrayal that has to be seen to be believed. 

Peter Byrne’s capacity to recreate Neil Diamond to a standard which impressed Diamond’s pianist on his last Australian tour says it all. Tom Hensley gave Peter a resounding nod of approval after seeing his Diamond tribute.

Irishman Byrne’s singing voice is eerie in its likeness to the megastar and providing the impetus for Byrne’s performance is a relentless pursuit to raise his Diamond act to a level that the man himself would endorse. While Peter’s show covers most of Diamonds best albums, he never try’s to hide his Irish charm and sense of humor; and you only have to ask and he will break into “something Irish”. 

Peter’s career highlights are too  many to mention, but the ones that stick in his mind were  meeting his idol, Neil Diamond in 1996, and in August 1998 he paid tribute to the greatest live album of the seventies “Hot August Night”  by recreating that night in Sydney's  State Theatre, at the Burswood Casino in Perth, and Twin Towns at the Gold Coast, all with a 40 piece orchestra. His idea was to reenact every song from the album as Diamond recorded (with an orchestra), and he did just that; and 6,000 people were taken on a trip down memory lane. Since then Peter has repeated the anniversary concert every year since 1998 around most states of Australia and performed to more than 100,000 people. 2010 saw Peter’s dream of performing his symphony show under the stars with two sell-out shows at Twilight at Taronga in front of 4500 people. Two amazing nights…

Over the years Peter has been recognized by his peers in 2001,2002,2003 and 2004 when Peter won the prestigious ‘MO’ Award for Best Variety Production show and  ACE Award for Best Tribute Show in 2001, 2002 ,2003,2004,2006,2007and 2008.

But with Peter’s “Forever Diamond” show  also solidly booked, there rarely seems to be an empty seat and the audiences keep coming back for more. With all his songs, they sing along, clap and show all the emotions that are found in every tune.

“It remains to be seen if Byrne, once reaches perfection strives to out-do his idol, however, the day I see a better Diamond, will be the day the man himself appears on stage...“                                 (Adrain Revere...The Mercury)



                         “PETER BYRNE IS NO ROUGH DIAMOND”                                

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