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Best Of You Foo Fighters Tribute Show.

This electrifying 5 piece powerhouse, stand above all other Pretenders as the most genuine, hard hitting, in your face, Foo Fighters Tribute Show on the planet.

The authenticity of the bands performance is something to behold. Pulling out a true NON STOP rock show in a format that emulates the real Foo Fighters band.

A typical Best Of You Show will consist of every single classic Foo Fighters song ever written. Mixed in with that is a softer acoustic section and a selection of similar genre'd cover songs. Just how Dave and his boys do it.

Put simply. You will not get a better Foo Fighters experience for your venue.

Best Of You - Lineup

Kieran Cleary is mesmerising as he delivers all of Dave Grohl's characteristic screaming and vocal melodic nuances with a passion that has to be seen, and heard, to be believed.

Scott Macdonald has mastered all of the Taylor Hawkins frantic, dynamic and complex drumming techniques with absolute precision. You just can't look away.

Paul Bardetta is the gluten that holds the Best Of You machine together as he pulls out all of Nates Mendel's subtle and no so subtle groove lines in his rock dog style.

Michael Doody's grunge, gutter rock guitar style is a perfect fit for his role of Pat Smear. Watch the Dood rip through all of Pat's guitar work like it was his own.

Col Booth on guitar, hits you with all the signature Chris Shifflet rock riffs, bruising you relentlessly showing no mercy.

Make no mistake. Best of You Foo Fighters Tribute Show is a pure hard rock show for the purest of Foo Fighters fans.

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The Pretender

Learn To Fly

Saint Cecilia

No Way Back

Something From Nothing


This Is A Call


Cheer Up Boys (Your makeup is running)

These Days

Hey, Johnny Park

Monkey Wrench

For All The Cows

Big Me


Times Like These





Long Road To Ruin

Cold Day In The Sun

All My Life

My Hero

Best Of You