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Rattle and Hum

Rattle and Hum is the definitive U2 tribute show.
Formed in 1997 the band captures the energy of U2 like no other tribute show before it.

Providing the audience with an authentic show that takes them through a visual and musical history of U2.

Not only do Rattle and Hum wear replica U2 costumes made especially for the show to depict all of U2's different era's, they also use replica instruments and amplification such as the VOX AC30 that the real U2 use themselves!
Simply -- "A Spectacular Performance" --

Rattle and Hum are the most authentic audio/visual U2 Tribute Show and definitely one not to be missed.  It's as if you were really there!



The Coldplay Show

Playing tribute to some of the most beautiful songs of all time, four professional musicians come together to capture the sheer spell binding atmosphere that every COLDPLAY fan has experienced, seeing them perform live.

The COLDPLAY Show will take the whole tribute art to the next level, they believe that if you are going to set up a tribute band to one of the most successful bands of all time you have to do it right. It has to be as close to the real thing as possible. Don't just close your eyes and think they sound like COLDPLAY, open them and they even look like COLDPLAY.

The Coldplay show are available in full electric mode with a massive PA and Lighting rig  or acoustic mode as well to suit all venues. The band consists of some of sydneys best tribute musicians and has over 40 years of experience combined in the music industry. With full replica costuming and instruments the Coldplay show is the closest fans will come to experiencing Coldplay live without going to see the real band.

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Rattle and Hum

Unforgettable Fire

I Will Follow




Sunday Bloody Sunday

New Years Day

The Sweetest Thing



Still Haven't Found

All I Want Is You

Angel of Harlem

City of Blinding lights

Wild Horses


With or Without You




The Coldplay Show


Every Teardrop is a waterfall

Charlie Brown


Speed of Sound


Hardest Part

The Scientist

Violet Hill

Viva la Vida


Lovers in Japan


Life in Technicolour